Introducing YieldBuilder: Driving Yield Improvements at Your Commercial Bank

About this webinar:

In today’s hyper-competitive commercial banking landscape, banks are looking to improve margins and build longer term pricing capabilities even as they pursue volume growth in commercial lending. Effective loan pricing has continued to be one of the top challenges for commercial banks in North America and Q2 | PrecisionLender and BCG have joined forces to help solve this industry challenge.

Join us for this webinar, in which we’ll walk through our joint solution, YieldBuilder, and how it can used for all commercial loan products. You’ll learn about YieldBuilder’s unique features and benefits including:

  • Improving returns without impacting win rate
  • Delivering AI and machine learning solutions to bring science to “relationship” pricing
  • Relationship Manager buy-in and ensuring high adoption and upskilling of relationship and sales managers on value-based pricing
  • Best-in-class market benchmarks on loan spreads
  • Seamless integrations with commercial bank tech systems, with customizable features, user-friendly interface, and real-time coaching for Relationship Managers­

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