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Andi: Right Info.
Right Banker. Right Time.

Andi® is our intelligent virtual analyst. She augments bankers’ strengths with the latest technology and data, delivering recommendations on different structures and tactics, while the deal is being priced and negotiated.

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PrecisionLender Andi Skills

An Andi “skill” is like a tiny app that helps Andi deliver the intelligence of the bank to the RM at the right time, in the right context. Andi has a set of more than 80 skills. Some of her most impactful and frequently used skills include:

Andi Skills Manager: Configure, measure, adjust.

With Andi Skills Manager, banks have access to an ever-expanding gallery of skills, as well as the ability to measure impact, and better understand RM challenges.

Andi Skills Builder: Create & configure skills

With Andi Skills Builder, banks have enhanced control over the sophisticated insights and coaching their RMs receive, allowing them to customize recommendations for the bank's markets, industry, and users.

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