Andi: Right Info.
Right Banker. Right Time.

Andi® is our intelligent virtual analyst. She augments bankers’ strengths with the latest technology and data, delivering recommendations on different structures and tactics, while the deal is being priced and negotiated.


PrecisionLender Andi Skills

An Andi “skill” is like a tiny app that helps Andi deliver the intelligence of the bank to the RM at the right time, in the right context. Andi has a set of more than 80 skills. Some of her most impactful and frequently used skills include:


Solving the Target

Real-time contextually relevant recommendations as RMs price deals.

Use Case

Andi provides multiple pricing options the RM can choose from to meet both the client's needs and the bank's return target.


Take the guesswork out of certain structure inputs that have major impacts on profitability.

Use Case

Andi® delivers analytic predictions on the utilization level of a line of credit usage and the schedule draws in a construction loan.


Based on the deal structure and the client, Andi suggests additional products to recommend. 

Use Case

For many commercial real estate loans, Andi® will recommend adding lockbox services as a companion product.

Andi Skills Manager: Configure,
measure, adjust.

With Andi Skills Manager, banks have access to an ever-expanding gallery of skills,
as well as the ability to measure impact, and better understand RM challenges.


Get important insights from what RMs repeatedly "Ask Andi."

Use Case

Frequent questions about a particular issue could prompt additional training, documentation, or the creation of a new skill, helping improve RM knowledge and performance in future situations. 


Measure the impact of Andi skills.

Use Case

Find out how often RMs engage with a particular skill, and when they do, how much value they're creating. Use that information to guide future RM behaviors toward better outcomes.


Andi Skills Manager: Create &
configure skills

With Andi Skills Builder, banks have enhanced control over the sophisticated insights and coaching their RMs receive, allowing them to customize recommendations for the bank's markets, industry, and users.



Create, modify and enable new Andi skills, based on your bank's unique needs.

Use Case

Use previous deal data to create "competitive playbook" skills. Ex. "When competitor bank offers a 7-year fixed rate loan, prompt the RM to create a scenario offering a 7-year variable rate, with a cap."

Spread Intelligence

Spread Andi's intelligence, via API, to other key technologies at your bank— CRMs, origination systems, collaboration tools, analytic tools, etc.

Use Case

For an opportunity with multiple products, Andi creates a task in your CRM prompting the RM to follow up on closing cross-sold products. 

  • Andy Max Portrait

    “We're no longer just talking about this loan or that loan. We're talking about relationships and customers.”

    Andy Max
    Managing Director, First National Bank of Omaha
  • Rich Padula Portrait

    “Before, they had a model that they used as something to complete a hurdle or get out of the way. Now they have a tool that can help them do their job.”

    Rich Padula
    Director of Finance
  • TD Bank
  • First National Bank of Omaha
  • Union Bank & Trust

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