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Meet Andi®

Andi® is your ideal, always on, virtual pricing analyst, working with your bankers as they price each opportunity.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Andi® offers actionable insights to bankers at the exact moment they need it. She shows you how to make a deal work, recommending alternative structures and even highlighting opportunities to expand a relationship.

Andi® offers insights that drive action

She gives actionable information to the people closest to your customers. Discover how Andi® helps you to price competitively without compromising profitability or return.

Competitive Deal

Compete and win

Is your market extremely competitive? You’re not alone. Don’t get caught up in a race to the bottom.

Andi® knows there are more ways to win a deal than simply offering the lowest rate. She can generate multiple deal scenarios using all sorts of different factors (fixed rate, floating rate, no fees, shorter/longer term, with/without deposits, and more).

Andi® can show the competitor’s offer and the better options available at your bank.

Competitive Deal

Break down your silos

Your customers need a seamless pricing experience and so do your bankers. To get that, you need a platform that works in sync with your other tools.

Andi® interacts with your CRM, LOS and other tools, sharing data that makes the sum more valuable than its parts.

Know the full story

Sometimes drawing a line in the sand is the right deal strategy. But what if that causes a valuable customer to look elsewhere?

Is it worth it to trim the margin on the current opportunity to keep them?

Andi® can help your bankers understand the real value of each relationship, showing them the true impact if a deal is won or lost.

Every basis point counts

Andi® isn’t limited to just rate and term. She can show you dozens of ways to structure a deal that meets the customer’s needs while also improving your bank’s net interest margin.

Andi® helps you reach targets instead of settling for the bare minimum.

Price appropriately for risk

“We tend to win the most what we misprice the worst.” It’s a common mistake in banking, but one that Andi® knows how to avoid.

She instantly factors risk into your pricing by adjusting risk-based capital and provision.

And Andi® can manage this across multiple regions and products.

What else can Andi® do?

Because Andi® is powered by artificial intelligence, she’s constantly learning and improving every day, growing and expanding her list of skills.

Always tracking

She tracks return targets by product and region, and offers suggestions to better meet production and profitability goals. Andi® also tracks portfolio concentrations, capital allocations and liquidity and makes suggestions on pricing targets.

 Always improving

Every day she works on thousands of deals at hundreds of banks. Andi® learns from every action, and uses that knowledge to expand her skills and provide more value to your bankers.

 Always on

She monitors each banker’s portfolio of relationships 24/7 looking for opportunities for expansion, upcoming renewals, and anomalies that might indicate a threat. She emails you actionable suggestions directly to your inbox.


The value we get from data is measured in terms of effectively changing behavior.

George Neal

EVP Analytics


Ignore outliers at your own risk. Sometimes the outliers ARE the story.

Laura Jackson
Principal Data Scientist


We build skills to deliver actionable intelligence for our customers, not win the data science fair.

Thomas Hepner
Data Scientist

Trusted and Secure

We combine enterprise-class security with comprehensive audits of our applications, systems and networks to ensure customer and business data is always protected.

   SOC2 Type II certification for security & confidentiality

    Hosted on Microsoft Azure’s data centers, operating 24x7x365

   Protected by best-in-class firewalls, networks and TLS encryption

    AT-101 Type II SOC certification for model risk management

    Encrypted using TLS and Azure Transparent Data Encryption

    Backed up in real-time with secondary data center geo-replication

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