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What is PrecisionLender?

Most commercial banks suffer a pricing process that is outdated and dysfunctional. They rely on spreadsheets that only provide insight after the fact.

These tools can make calculations, but can’t foster the right conversations.

The PrecisionLender platform does both, turning commercial pricing from a commodity to a point of differentiation. By providing actionable insights when the deal is being priced, PrecisionLender helps banks deliver the experience their customers want, and the results their directors demand.

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Commercial bankers need to …

Have Better Conversations

With PrecisionLender, relationship managers are able to see the relative value of every deal point to the bank. This helps them confidently address each term relative to the customer.

Grow Relationships

PrecisionLender allows you to know the real value of each relationship and understand the true impact of losing or winning a deal. This insight also gives bankers multiple non-credit ways to expand those relationships.

Get an ROI Rapidly

Slow starts have killed many a bank project. Fortunately, PrecisionLender measures implementation times in weeks, not years. And the wait to experience the monetary impact is a short one.

Meet Andi®

Andi® is your ideal, always on, virtual pricing analyst, working with your bankers as they price each opportunity. She uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer actionable insights to bankers at the exact moment they need it.

Proven Customer Results

+29 Basis Points

Banks that implement PrecisionLender see a mean increase of 29 basis points in portfolio income over the following two years.

It’s a cumulative result that’s achieved by improvement in growth, profit and risk.

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