The steady rise in asset values leading up to 2007 made it particularly difficult for banks to price appropriately for risk. Why? Because “the bank across town” set the price benchmark artificially low, knowing they’d get bailed out if a loan went bad. In 2006, many bank CEOs would routinely tell us “we just can’t get paid for risk.”

Today, we never hear this. Without rising asset values to lean on, the survival of community banks depends almost entirely on their ability to compete for the best deals, protect & strengthen their most important relationships, and price appropriately for risk. Banks that aren’t able to refocus on these things stand to lose everything.

Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

  • “We’re REALLY busy! With PrecisionLender, we can see that the LTV/collateral and guarantees we typically get mitigate a lot of risk, so we’re quoting (and winning) some very profitable deals we wouldn’t have even gone after before.”

    - Chief Credit Officer, Tennessee

  • “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

    - Warren Buffett

  • “In my 35 years in banking, it has been my experience that you win the most what you mis-price the worst.”

    - Chief Financial Officer, North Carolina

  • “Pricing pressures right now are incredible. Over the next few years it will only intensify. The ability to effectively manage pricing will determine the survivors.”

    - President, Nebraska

  • “In a couple of minutes I can run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios in PrecisionLender, testing different interest rates, fees, and other loan variables. This is a tremendous help when making important decisions on loan offers.”

    - SVP & Chief Lending Officer, South Carolina

What is PrecisionLender and how will it help your bank?

PrecisionLender is a web-based pricing management solution used by thousands of lenders every day to price nearly $6 billion in loans & deposits each month. With PrecisionLender, loan officers finally have a tool they can use, IN THE MOMENT, to have a constructive conversation that focuses on the borrower’s needs, and allows them to hand-craft a solution that works for both the borrower AND the bank.

Win More and Grow Your Portfolio

Win More and Grow Your Portfolio
Compete with confidence and get the most out of every opportunity
Organic loan growth is almost nonexistent in many markets, so your ability to compete for the best borrowers is critical. By focusing on the profitability of each specific scenario, PrecisionLender allows you to remain competitive on the highest quality deals and get paid appropriately for the risk of lower quality credits. Over time, you’ll win more of the relationships you want and fewer of the ones you don’t, but you’ll always be winning.
Protect and Strengthen Your Relationships

Protect and Strengthen Your Relationships
Arm your lenders with the tools they need to build lasting relationships
What’s important to your borrower… rate, fees, monthly payment, or all of the above? With PrecisionLender, your loan officer can easily prepare multiple alternative scenarios in just a few minutes – each designed to meet your borrower’s needs. With this kind of hand-crafted solution, your lender can focus on building a one-on-one relationship with each borrower, and prevent that relationship from going competitive.
Increase Your Profitability

Increase Your Profitability
Actively manage loan pricing and consistently meet your objectives
Do your lenders know what drives the profitability of each deal? With PrecisionLender, every loan opportunity is evaluated against a specific ROE target, with results AND recommendations displayed in real-time. Using this profitability awareness, your lenders can actively adjust things like rate, term, and loan structure to find a solution that consistently meets or exceeds your goals.