Market Analysis: Impactful Intelligence

With our Market Analysis service offering, find out how your bank compares to the competition, uncover potential vulnerabilities and opportunities in your commercial portfolio, and deliver this vital intelligence to the right bankers at the right time.

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Expertise Paired With Powerful Data

Market Analysis is powered by the data PrecisionLender has accumulated from working with commercial banks for more than 10 years. More than 150 banks used our platform to price more than $2T in commercial transactions in 2019 alone.

The data set we use comprises more than 15% of the total commercial lending market, and includes deals in all 50 states, in a wide range of industries and with the full spectrum of borrower sizes.

Three Service Levels Available

Uncover your portfolio's hidden vulnerabilities & opportunities

Your bank is working harder than ever to achieve its volume, quality, pricing, and cross-sell goals amid tremendous market uncertainty. Let our professional services team help.

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