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BankOnPurpose Conference

What’s different about this conference? Everything. You won’t be hearing about obscure back-office procedures or getting thinly veiled sales pitches from vendors. Instead, you’ll learn how to shift your focus back to your customers and their needs, and to build a team, a brand, and a bank… with purpose.

Executive Lunch

Executive Events

Periodically, we will host events with leaders in local banking communities. These events allow similar-minded people to learn from each other and to build a strong network. If you’d like to request an event near you, email Ashley at

Past Events

CBA Annual Conference, May 2016

Last week we attended the California Bankers Association's 12th Annual Convention in Dana Point, California. The convention was held in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel, which was right on the water. Each morning you could look down at the coast and see a group...

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BankOnPurpose Final Day Recap

So much happened on the third and final day of BankOnPurpose. To help you sort through the mountains of useful information that was shared, here are some highlights in the form of memorable quotes from each speaker.

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BankOnPurpose Day Two: Words of Wisdom

So much happened on Day Two of BankOnPurpose. To help you sort through the mountains of useful information that was shared, here are some highlights in the form of memorable quotes from each speaker.

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#BankSocial Conference, April 2016

Phil and Jess attended the #BankSocial conference in Newark, New Jersey last week, where they got to connect with PrecisionLender clients, hear from great speakers and participate in a panel called “Podcasts: The Industry's Move To Unconventional Marketing.” In its...

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SNL Conference, March 2016

Greg, Brandi, Rollie and Kristen returned from the SNL Financial Community Bankers Conference held in Irving, TX at the beautiful Four Seasons Resort & Club March 29th through March 31st. We had the opportunity to exhibit this year and have conversations with several...

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IBA The ONE, March 2016

In early March, VP of Delivery & Client Success Scott Morgan and Director of Client Success Jessica Stone attended The Illinois Bankers Association’s The ONE Conference in Peoria, IL. The Illinois banking community was well represented, including Hickory Point Bank...

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High Five, March 2016

The marketing team here at PrecisionLender spent the week learning from experts and peers at the Triangle AMA High Five Conference. As returning sponsors, we were excited to meet smart people. Our booth this year listed our brand new values and asked attendees what...

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Bank Director AOBA, February 2016

Whitney Newell, Client Development Manager, Joel Rosenberg, VP of Delivery and Client Success, and Ken Garcia, President and Co-Founder of PrecisionLender, recently attended the Bank Director Acquire or Be Acquired Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The event was held at...

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PBA Annual Lending Conference, November 2015

Craig and Ashley just got back from the Pennsylvania Bankers Association's Annual Lending Conference. For the past few years it has been at the beautiful Hotel Hershey, which is right across the street from Hershey Park and chocolate world. We decided that it must be...

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Internet Summit, November 2015

When we became sponsors of the 2015 Internet Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina we knew it meant we should aim a little higher than just attending and listening to the presentations. We knew that one of our goals was to meet the smartest people in the area. That is...

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IACPM Annual Fall Conference, November 2015

Last week Jenny Bo, our Director of Client Development, Carl Ryden, our CEO and Co-founder and Ken Garcia, our President and Co-founder, attended their first IACPM Annual Conference. It was held at the beautiful Toronto Marriot Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel. True to its...

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Annual ABA Convention, November 2015

This year's Annual ABA Convention was held in the City of Angels, otherwise known as Los Angeles! It was at the JW Marriott at LA LIVE, located right across the street from the Staples Center - home of the Los Angeles Sparks, Lakers, Clippers and the Kings. The...

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RMA Annual Risk Management Conference, November 2015

This year's RMA Annual Risk Management Conference was held at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel located in the "Back Bay" area of Boston. We had the chance to exhibit again this year and had many great conversations with banks from all over the country, but especially from...

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VBA Credit Management Conference – October, 2015

Craig and Iris visited the beautiful Charlottesville, VA for the Virginia Bankers Association Credit Management Conference on October 5-6. A week before our team was scheduled to attend, it looked like Hurricane Joaquin was headed straight for the hotel. However,...

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SNL – Bank M&A Symposium, October 2015

We've worked with SNL Knowledge Center for almost a year now and have had the privilege of attending a few of their conferences.  They are always informative and engaging, and this conference was no different. It was held at the JW Marriot on Pennsylvania Ave, a...

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Past Webinars

2016 Highlights & 2017 Roadmap, January 2017

This has been our favorite year yet thanks to the hundreds of banks and thousands of lenders we get to work with! In this webinar, Carl Ryden, CEO & Co-Founder reflects on changes made in the last year and shares the future of PrecisionLender. You'll learn: What...

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Indicative Swaps Pricing, December 2016

  We are thrilled to announce that with the help of Chatham Financial, we have added the ability to provide indicative pricing on interest rate swaps to PrecisionLender! In this webinar, Dallas Wells, EVP Banking Strategies will speak with Ben Lewis, Managing...

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No One Wants a Loan, November 2016

  Your customers aren’t coming to you because they want a loan. They’re coming to you because they need what the loan will help them do. Whether that’s starting a business or keeping one running smoothly, understanding the “why” behind your customers’ desires is key...

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Aligning Strategy with Purpose, October 2016

You know your bank’s purpose – what you stand for and why you stand for it – and you know that your purpose should drive the decisions made within your bank. But how do you ensure that concept becomes a reality, particularly when it comes to tough choices, like which...

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The Psychology of Pricing, September 2016

Your offering needs to have the features clients want, and a price they are willing to pay. This comes down to value. But how do you communicate this value to the client? That really matters, because if value is lost in communication, it might as well not be there. In...

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Deep Dive into New Features, May 2016

  PrecisionLender truly values our clients’ ideas and recommendations on how to further enhance our product. In fact, many of our great features came to light as a result of feature requests from users! Dallas Wells, EVP of Banking Strategies, walked through some of...

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Developing Great Lenders, March 2016

  All banks realize their top lenders are critical to the bank’s future performance. Because lenders allocate so much of the capital, their success (or lack thereof) will dictate the bank’s profitability and risk profile for years to come. Given that dynamic, the top...

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2016 Dashboards and Reporting, February 2016

  Reporting is a necessity in the banking industry providing valuable business intelligence on bank performance, pipeline trajectory, and competitive pressures. An organization’s ability to surface this information to anyone who impacts the bank’s business- from the...

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2015 Highlights & 2016 Roadmap, January 2016

  We have the incredible fortune to work with hundreds of banks and thousands of bankers all across the country, allowing us to get valuable feedback on how to improve our user experience and continue to make our solution better. Please join us for a 30-minute...

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Using Scenarios To Win More Deals, November 2015

  In today's low rate lending environment, borrowers often come into your bank with another competitive offer already in hand. They want you to show them that you can meet their specific needs with alternative terms and options. How can you show an explicit comparison...

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Microsoft Dynamics Integration, September 2015

  Integrating your bank’s pricing with leading CRM systems creates richer opportunities for lenders and offers comprehensive reporting for management. So how is PrecisionLender working to maximize the value of your CRM? In this webcast, Mike Finger, a member of our...

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Commercial Loan Pricing Strategies, August 2015

  Commercial loans are one of the main drivers of profitability at the bank. When a valuable opportunity arises to price a commercial loan, we want lenders to exercise best practices and know exactly what pricing strategies to consider in order to win the deal. But...

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