VBA Credit Management Conference – October, 2015

VBA Credit Management Conference – October, 2015

vba1Craig and Iris visited the beautiful Charlottesville, VA for the Virginia Bankers Association Credit Management Conference on October 5-6. A week before our team was scheduled to attend, it looked like Hurricane Joaquin was headed straight for the hotel. However, Joaquin detoured and we were able to have a calm and sunny stay in Charlottesville.

It’s always exciting to meet bankers who are interested in what we do. It’s even more exciting to meet bankers who already use PrecisionLender and are able to give us feedback on how it’s working for them. In fact, during Craig’s presentation about creating a pricing culture, he asked who already had one. We were delighted to see our clients raise their hands with enthusiasm!

One of the highlights of the event was seeing David Kemp talk. It wasn’t just his style of presenting, which including irrelevant facts like 88% of women who are divorced are happier. He kept the audience engaged while talking about why customer service is the key to good business and why you need to be on social media to hear what your audience is saying about you. Two points that stuck with Craig and Iris: 1. Employees, not technology, is where you should invest. And 2. You need to create a discipline around your credit culture. “Stop bad loans at the beginning,” he said.

Craig later championed these thoughts in his presentation. “As much as you have a credit culture, you need to start having a pricing culture too.” Craig continued that thought by talking about making the most of the data you are have in front of you and setting your goals for the lenders to be successful at the beginning.

The conference went off without a hitch, and we were able to avoid a major hurricane. Thank you to the entire VBA team for another successful conference!


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October 13, 2015