IBANYS Convention, September 2015

IBANYS Convention, September 2015

IMG_1966On September 16th, several team members headed up to the Great State of New York for the IBANYS Convention, which was held at the Thayer Hotel on West Point’s campus. Our team arrived that afternoon with enough time to set up the booth and relax a bit before the exhibit hall was opened. Once the exhibit hall opened, we were able meet the bankers and show them demos of the solution.

The next day, our team spent the majority of the morning in the conference room where we ate breakfast and lunch, with exciting talks in between about cyber security and millennials. The entire event was emceed by John Witkowski, former quarterback for the Detroit Lions, and now President/CEO of IBANYS. This year at the conference they mixed it up a bit and did what they called “6-minute drills,” which allowed the vendors to get up and speak about what they believe, their product, and how they can help. Joel did a fantastic job with his 6-minute drill and I’m sure his talk steered some bankers to our booth.

IMG_1940After the talks in the morning, we had the opportunity to tour West Point’s campus. Talk about a beautiful campus! We learned about the history behind the school and even saw cadets parachuting from helicopters! It was a great experience.

That evening was held a silent auction. We auctioned off a piece of pottery from Seagrove Potters, which attracted a lot of people to our booth and started some great conversation.
Overall, the conference was a success and we’re thankful for having had the opportunity to partake in it. Thank you to the IBANYS association for letting us partake in such a wonderful event.


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October 1, 2015