The PrecisionLender Difference


Win deals you’re missing out on.

PrecisionLender helps banks win deals they’re losing today – in many cases because they’re just not competitive. Why is that? Without the ability to truly understand the risk adjusted return, many banks feel compelled to set hurdle rates – “We can’t go lower than 4.25%, regardless of who the borrower is.” Those hurdle rates end up chasing the best credits away, and in most cases, those kinds of relationships would have brought tremendous value to the bank.

Our clients find that they win many additional deals as a direct result of having PrecisionLender. Winning just 1 additional deal pays for the software for life.


Improve deals you’re already winning.

PrecisionLender helps banks improve the deals they’re already winning by showing the lender each of the ways to make the deal better, and more specifically, exactly what it would take in terms of rate, fee, or adjustments to structure to reach the bank’s profitability target. Our clients find this incredibly powerful, and often share stories about how this single feature (the Profitability Wizard) helps them pick up additional basis points on nearly every deal, reduce risk, and at the same time, make those deals work better for the borrower.

Our clients typically see a Net Interest Margin improvement of 10-50 basis points, often with less overall risk.


Keep deals you’ve already won.

With PrecisionLender, loan officers have everything they need, right at their fingertips, so they can focus on understanding what the borrower is trying to accomplish, and then handcraft a solution that’s “just right” for them. It’s the quality of those lender/borrower interactions that separates transactions from true long-term relationships.

Our clients often say, “We saved one of our most important relationships because of PrecisionLender.”

It’s helped us better balance the origination mix between fixed and floating, and that floating rate mix of business will serve us well. It will give us more consistent earnings over time.

Terry Early

Chief Financial Officer, Yadkin Bank

Our Promise to You

Resources & Consultation

If you believe in the value of PrecisionLender, then we have a lot in common. From white papers to monthly learning webinars, an educational digest to weekly podcasts, our purpose is to make you successful. All of these resources are available whether you’re a client or not. Once you’ve joined the tribe, you’ll have access to a consultant who has many years of experience in pricing and profitability. The consultant learns your bank inside and out to discover how to set up your lenders for the maximum success. After all, you’re investing in more than just a piece of software.


We’ve built PrecisionLender so that you can price without worry. With over 99.9% uptime, PrecisionLender is hosted using a world-class, highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure.

Based on Industry-Standard Modeling

PrecisionLender uses math that is consistent with the Basel III standard. We don’t keep it a secret because the financial modeling techniques that are used by PrecisionLender are not proprietary. They are straightforward, industry-standard best practices.

Interested with how the math works? Read the article.

Integration with Existing Systems

You’ve just implemented a new CRM system in your bank, and now you’re asking your lenders to learn a new software? This may seem like a hurdle, but PrecisionLender integrates seamlessly into other systems you’ve invested in including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and nCino.

In one step, lenders can select a button on an account page of the CRM to price the loan. The best part of system integration is the increased ROI you’ll realize from both systems moving forward.

Widely Used & Accepted

Over 5,000 lenders are actively using PrecisionLender to price over $12 billion of commercial loans each month. No matter the size of your bank, PrecisionLender can scale to meet your needs.

Responsive to Your Needs

Many of our best product features come from our users. Our goal is to make our users the best possible lenders they can be, and if we can build something into the software to make that happen, we will.

Visit the support center to request a new feature.

Our Clients Versus Their Peers

  • PrecisionLender publicly traded clients have achieved 93% growth in market capitalization over the last 5 years versus the KBW NASDAQ Bank Index’s 60%.
  • All clients over $1B in assets improved their NIM by 18.9bps versus their peers over the last 2 years after implementing PrecisionLender.
  • All clients over $1B in assets outgrew their peers by 5.7% over the last 2 years after implementing PrecisionLender.

Download the Client Versus Peers PDF.

Clients Outperform the BKX Index


Clients Outperform Peers in NIM Improvement


Clients Outperform Peers in Loan Growth


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