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Forget about managing risk with a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets can’t offer multiple ways to structure a deal so that it’s priced appropriately for risk; it’s adjust-the-rate or ... nothing. They only measure risk by looking backwards - a huge problem when the market is turbulent and unpredictable. Bad deals are making it onto the books daily because spreadsheets can't help banks identify risk while it's still in the pipeline, before it's too late.

Your spreadsheet isn’t a tool - it’s an obstacle.

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PrecisionLender was built to easily identify & mitigate risk

Our platform is designed to incorporate all forms of risk - credit, interest, and profitability - a bank encounters in a commercial credit transaction. With Andi®, PrecisionLender’s digital coach, bankers get real-time, in-app coaching on ways to structure a deal to fit within the bank’s risk parameters. Andi also alerts bankers when the risk profile of an account may be shifting.

PrecisionLender’s native integrations allow management to track deals in the pipeline, so timely pricing adjustments can be made if risk levels change.

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PrecisionLender clients had significantly lower net charge-offs (0.21%) and past due loans (0.62%) than their peers (0.33% and 1.20%) in Q2 2020.

Retire your spreadsheet and protect your portfolio

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