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Spreadsheets aren't built for cross-selling

Spreadsheets don’t help your banker see the full relationship - just a single transaction. They can’t show them the blended profitability of a full-product bundle. They offer no way to collaborate with other departments on deals and no way to ensure accounts promised in a deal eventually make it onto the books.

Your spreadsheet isn't a tool - it's an obstacle.

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PrecisionLender makes cross-selling easy

PrecisionLender gives bankers a view of the full client relationship and its profitability when they’re working on a new opportunity with in-app coaching, alerts, and real-time guidance built specifically to expand customer relationships. With Andi®, PrecisionLender’s digital coach, bankers get timely cross-sell suggestions while structures and products are still being discussed.

And PrecisionLender’s Delivery to Promise functionality ensures that the non-credit revenue accounts agreed to in the deal end up on the bank’s books.

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PrecisionLender clients grew deposits by 22.5% from Q2 2019 – Q2 2020, well above the industry average of 16.5%.

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