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No one turns to a spreadsheet for advice

Spreadsheets can’t help management communicate with bankers. So there’s no way to offer contextual suggestions while bankers are actually pricing a deal. When the bank wants to shift their strategy, making a corresponding change to the spreadsheet is difficult, at best. And when management does offer directives and make suggestions? With a spreadsheet, there’s no way to know if that coaching was received, or if it led to any action.

Your spreadsheet isn’t a tool - it’s an obstacle.

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PrecisionLender coaches bankers to make better, more informed decisions

With Andi®, PrecisionLender’s digital coach, bankers get real-time, in-app coaching on ways to structure a deal based on management's configuration. Andi offers ways to reach deal targets, and potential cross-sell options, as well as alerts about at-risk clients and upcoming renewals.

Management can easily customize Andi’s coaching to match changes in strategy and tactics. For any scenario bankers encounter, the bank can decide the advice and suggestions Andi should offer.

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Bankers who engaged with Andi’s coaching generated 21% more monthly net income on newly originated loans.

Retire your spreadsheet and meet Andi

Let us show you how PrecisionLender has helped 200+ banks across the globe coach bankers to better, more profitable deals.