Client Stories

Discover why banks choose PrecisionLender
“We’re really busy! With PrecisionLender, we can see that the LTV/collateral and guarantees we typically get mitigate a lot of risk, so we’re quoting (and winning) some very profitable deals we wouldn’t have even gone after before.” Chief Credit Officer, Tennessee

Yadkin Bank

“Consistent Earnings Over Time”


First Midwest Bank

“The Power of a Chief Pricing Officer”


Union Bank & Trust

“We Can’t Price Like a Small Bank Anymore.”


First Midwest Bank

“Thinking Big by Focusing on the Small things”
“Pricing pressures right now are incredible. Over the next few years it will only intensify. The ability to effectively manage pricing will determine the survivors.” President, Nebraska

“In a couple of minutes I can run multiple ‘what if’ scenarios in PrecisionLender, testing different interest rates, fees, and other loan variables. This is a tremendous help when making important decisions on loan offers.” SVP & Chief Lending Officer, South Carolina