precisionlender internship

About the Internship

When you join our team, you’re a worker, a collaborator, and a fresh perspective. Expect to start contributing on day one. You’ll work on real projects, like developing a support center, redesigning this website, user-testing the software, and creating client-facing collateral. Think of it as a preview of what you could become in your career- the catapult that launches you forward. At PrecisionLender, we value empathy, modesty, respect, trust, reliability, and patience, and we look for students who embody those character traits. Prepare to make meaningful connections, contribute original ideas, and discover new talents with us.

Spending my summer as an intern at PrecisionLender was an awesome experience. Everyone was incredibly kind and welcoming. Whenever I needed help solving a problem, there was always someone willing to sit down with me and really listen. I feel like I learned a lot from being surrounded by such bright people while also having the autonomy to pursue my own ideas.

Meredith Drummond

Intern, PrecisionLender

PrecisionLender gave me an incredible opportunity to pursue my interests in finance and traditional banking. I was fortunate enough to have an atypical experience. Within days of working at PrecisionLender, I found myself working on a large independent project and helping out on several small other projects. Within weeks, I found myself actively participating, being asked for help with various tasks, and even leading group meetings. And by the time I ended, I knew I left PrecisionLender with an unparalleled learning experience, a vast network, and core values needed to succeed in any endeavor that life throws my way.

Adithya Iyengar

Intern, PrecisionLender