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Culture is critical.

Culture is more than a buzzword. It’s the key to our success and the success of our clients. We strive to live our core values every day and make PrecisionLender an exceptional place for our employees.

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Our core values

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Be Helpful

Make every person and place better because you are there. Deliver wow with every interaction.

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Be Humble

Listen with every muscle. Passionately help others first. Seek first to understand.

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Be Honest

Earn trust every day. Treat everyone with fairness & respect. Be open and direct.

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Be Human

Create an environment where people are authentic. Celebrate passion & action. Hire great people & expect a lot from them.

Great performance guided by our principles

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We Make Our Clients Successful
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  • We start by understanding each client, what makes them unique, and what they are trying to achieve.
  • We have empathy. We are always willing to meet them where they are and to help them grow from there.
  • We are responsible for their success. We are not mere order-takers. We will not blindly do anything that they ask, but we are willing to do almost anything that they need to succeed. We are willing do the hard work and have the hard discussions to uncover the true job to be done.
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We Think Like Owners
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  • We minimize expenses so that we can maximize investments. We each must have the judgement to know the difference. Our most important resource, one that cannot be replaced, is our time.
  • We set our own benchmarks. We compare ourselves against the standard of performance that is required by our clients and our teammates, not what is minimally acceptable in the industry.
  • We demand ownership. Everything that we do requires exactly one owner. Ownership requires accountability, responsibility and authority to be present in exactly the right proportions.
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We Deliver Results
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  • We are always willing to accept and then to rise to any challenge. However, we are not afraid to ask for help.
  • We don’t wait to be asked. We find ways to contribute and deliver value. We never walk past a mess.
  • We are data-driven. We seek tangible ways to measure our impact and progress.
  • We deliver on our commitments - to our clients, to our teammates, to the company and to our families.
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We Invent and Simplify
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  • We favor speed and a bias to action. We fight complexity, bureaucracy, and friction.
  • We focus on continuous learning and improvement: people, then process, then product. We favor small, incremental improvements where we can establish a new high water mark. We never let perfect be the enemy of the better.
  • We are willing to challenge conventional wisdom and to set our own path where it is valuable to do so.
  • We have grit. When we succeed, we find a way to improve for the next iteration. When we fail, we find a way to improve even faster.
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We Invest in Each Other
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  • We hire to elevate, never to delegate.
  • We build capability and confidence, clear obstacles and then get out of the way.
  • We give open, honest and direct feedback even when difficult. We celebrate success.
  • We do not multi-task. We give our full and undivided attention.

Hear it from our employees

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Great rewards

We hire the very best talent, and believe they deserve compelling / competitive compensation and benefits.

Our benefits

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Working with us

Our culture has been vital to our success and has helped us attract and retain amazing people.

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