Working at PrecisionLender

PrecisionLender is built on a single overarching belief… that helping our clients succeed is the only way to ensure that our company succeeds. Everything we do, every decision we make, reflects that belief. How else could we win Best Place to Work in 2015?

We start by hiring for character traits like empathy, modesty, respect, trust, reliability, and patience. After that, we stay out of the way and let our people do what’s best for the client.

If working for a fast-growing, client-centric organization appeals to you, then please apply. We are always looking for exceptional talent.

If you’re a student, learn more about our internship opportunities.

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“I chose PrecisionLender because I wanted (and still want) a place that will continue to drive me to be better today than I was yesterday while still allowing me to focus on having a life with my family.”

James Gieszelmann

Manager of Software Developer

“I’m surrounded by smart, passionate individuals who strive for excellence every day, which constantly challenges me to raise the bar on my own work.”

Taylor Magargal

Communications Specialist

Culture Blog

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