PrecisionLender is used to price nearly $100 Billion in commercial loans every year, and we have the pleasure of working with some of the most effective lenders in the country. In this session, Carl Ryden takes much of what we’ve learned and boils it down into a set of strategies, best-practices, and insights into what’s REALLY working in today’s market.

He covers things like…

  • Pricing a deal and working through the checklist (rate, fee, structure, and expanding the opportunity) to find various ways to make the deal work
  • Using that process to understand what a borrower really cares about and then hand-crafting a solution that meets their specific needs
  • Capturing the details of a competitive offer and finding ways to beat that offer and STILL hit the bank’s profitability target
  • Pricing in the context of an existing relationship and knowing when to push for those few extra basis points

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Commercial Loan Pricing Strategies, Best-Practices, and Insights, November 2014