Every month, we host a free webinar we call PrecisionLender University. These are 30-minute sessions designed to be 100% educational (i.e. no sales pitches allowed), and they are aimed at commercial bankers with a wide range of roles. Of course we talk a lot about pricing, but we also cover topics that come up often in our conversations with bankers, such as marketing, hiring, and even Bitcoin.datahipsters

Last month the topic was Dashboards and Reporting. Using the PrecisionLender application as the background, we discussed our general philosophy on reporting. Given the nature of the banking industry, there is a LOT of reporting that happens, both internally as well as externally  to customers, shareholders, and regulators.

Given the sheer volume of reports that a typical banker sees every day, how do we best communicate what is happening with our loan production? What is the most efficient way to make sure everyone who has a stake in pricing decisions has the right information when they need it? These aren’t easy questions, but in this session we outline the approaches that we’ve found work best. Check it out here, and let us know if there are other topics that you would find useful.