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Introducing PrecisionLender CARES Edition

Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, the Fed has launched several emergency loan programs that have generated unprecedented demand from commercial banking customers. To help banks manage this increased volume of customer requests, we’ve developed the PrecisionLender CARES Edition.

Easily qualify & structure emergency loan program applications

With the overwhelming demand from commercial customers for emergency loan funding, banks need a solution to keep up with the current volume of applications.

PrecisionLender CARES Edition was specifically designed to help bankers efficiently manage & process these customer inquiries, enabling them to make fast, informed decisions.

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Enable quick, confident decisions tomorrow

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Real-time guidance via Andi®

Andi®, PrecisionLender’s virtual deal coach, helps your bankers make fast, informed decisions as they triage and qualify applications for existing emergency loan programs, and then structure those deals. You can also create a pipeline for these deals and track them in real-time.

The best part: we offer next-day setup with PrecisionLender CARES Edition to give you immediate help with processing these applications.

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