What is PrecisionLendAHand?

At it’s core, PrecisionLender is a tool to help banks build and maintain relationships with their communities. We know the importance of building strong communities and every day we’re doing our best to passionately help others first. PrecisionLendAHand is the culmination of our philanthropic efforts within our own communities. We find that when we extend a helping hand in our free time, it ignites the same sense of purpose we feel each day at work.

Past Events

Attending the WakeEd Partnership World Café

On February 8th, PrecisionLender attended the annual WakeEd Partnership World Café for the second year in a row. The event gives STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educators an opportunity to connect with STEM businesses to discuss project ideas for...

What Does Bagging 500 Lunches Look Like?

On Friday, August 5th, the PrecisionLender team and families took the afternoon to do some charity work. Teaming up with the Urban Ministries of Durham, a local outreach organization that offers food, shelter, and a future to those facing homelessness, our goal was to...

PrecisionLendAHand – Dash & Dot at York Elementary

For three weeks in March, I was the guinea pig volunteer at York Elementary's STEM Lab. Third, fourth and fifth grade classes attend the lab for one period once a week. The students have a defined project to accomplish in this short period of time. I visited three...

PrecisionLender Partners with East Cary Middle School

STEM teachers, while using the latest technologies and instructional methods to teach their students and prepare them for the future, are lacking one thing: real world application. Most teachers spend their lives in school and then move into a classroom once they...


At PrecisionLender, we believe that you work your best when you're doing something you're passionate about. So, when we discovered a 5K with dogs, we knew that our avid runner and dog enthusiast, Maria, would be the best volunteer! Hosted in Charlotte, NC, the...

Ronald McDonald House Charities

In an effort to give back to the community, a few members of the Marketing team here at PrecisionLender ventured out to the Ronald McDonald House in Durham to spend the morning cleaning the house for its patrons on Saturday, October 24th. The Ronald McDonald House...



Wake County Public School System


Ronald McDonald House Charities


American Pit Bull Foundation