Our Mission

PrecisionLender was founded in 2009 as a result of a simple observation: commercial lenders and relationship managers don’t have the data at their disposal to make loans that are acceptable to both the bank and the customers. They are often times flying by the seat of their pants.

This observation led the founders of PrecisionLender to develop a completely new way to look at the commercial lending paradigm. Arming lenders with the right data means they can give their customers exactly what they need and also help keep their bank profitable.

Our Values

PrecisionLender Values

Our Culture

Bias Towards Action

It’s important to discuss and capture potential obstacles, but it’s the “next steps” that matter. We believe that by focusing on the minimum viable process/product, we can create a foundation to iterate upon.

Listen With Every Muscle

You won’t see cell phones and laptops in our meetings. We give our full attention to the here and now (we do not multitask).

Hire Adults, and Treat Them as Such

Our team is made up of people with great judgment and we give them the freedom to use it. That means unlimited vacation time, minimal red tape, and employee reviews that are aimed at removing obstacles and helping each employee perform at his or her best.

Join Our Team

PrecisionLender is built on a single overarching belief… that helping our clients succeed is the only way to ensure that our company succeeds. Everything we do, every decision we make, reflects that belief.

We start by hiring for character traits like empathy, modesty, respect, trust, reliability, and patience. After that, we stay out of the way and let our people do what’s best for the client.

If working for a fast-growing, client-centric organization appeals to you, then please apply. We are always looking for exceptional talent.

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If you’re a student, learn more about our internship opportunities.