The PrecisionLender Solution

PrecisionLender delivers value in three ways

Win deals you’re missing out on today

PrecisionLender helps banks win deals they’re losing today – in many cases because they’re just not competitive. Why is that? Without the ability to truly understand the risk adjusted return, many banks feel compelled to set hurdle rates – “We can’t go lower than 4.25%, regardless of who the borrower is.” Those hurdle rates end up chasing the best credits away, and in most cases, those kinds of relationships would have brought tremendous value to the bank.

Our clients find that they win many additional deals as a direct result of having PrecisionLender.

Winning just 1 additional deal pays for the software for life.

Improve deals you’re already winning

PrecisionLender helps banks improve the deals they’re already winning by showing the lender each of the ways to make the deal better, and more specifically, exactly what it would take in terms of rate, fee, or adjustments to structure to reach the bank’s profitability target. Our clients find this incredibly powerful, and often share stories about how this single feature (the Profitability Wizard) helps them pick up additional basis points on nearly every deal, reduce risk, and at the same time, make those deals work better for the borrower.

Our clients typically see a Net Interest Margin improvement of 10-50 basis points, often with less overall risk.

Adding just 1 basis point to the deals you’re already winning pays for the software for life.

Strengthen your relationships and prevent them from going competitive.

With PrecisionLender, loan officers have everything they need, right at their fingertips, so they can focus on understanding what the borrower is trying to accomplish, and then handcraft a solution that’s “just right” for them. It’s the quality of those lender/borrower interactions that separates transactions from true long-term relationships.

Our clients often say things like “We saved one of our most important relationships because of PrecisionLender.”

Preventing one relationship from leaving the bank pays for the software for life.

Each of these, by itself, is designed to deliver value far exceeding your investment so the ROI is quite substantial.