Our Mission & Culture

PrecisionLender was founded in 2009 as a result of a simple observation: commercial lenders don’t have the data at their disposal to make loans that are acceptable to both the bank and the customers, they are often times flying by the seat of their pants.

This observation led industry experts to develop a completely new way to look at the commercial lending paradigm. Arming lenders with the right data means they can give their customers exactly what they need and also help keep their bank profitable.

PrecisionLender's core values

Meet Our Team

We believe that lending is critical to the success of community banks and that the most important conversation a lender has with a borrower is about pricing. We’re passionate about developing tools that make that conversation successful for the borrower and the bank. We’ve deployed pricing management solutions in hundreds of financial institutions, and those solutions help thousands of lenders price billions of dollars in loans every month.

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Ashley Nuzum
Event Coordinator
Bill Briggs
VP Sales & Marketing
Brandi Haymore
Director of Marketing
Brian Adkins
Chief Operating Officer
Brian McBrayer
Software Developer
Client Development Manager
CEO & Co-Founder
Director of Client Services
VP Information Security
Corey Whitt
Manager of Client Support
EVP Banking Strategies
Eli Dickson
Client Success Manager
Eli Weinstock-Herman
VP Software Engineering
Erik Gieszelmann
Software Developer
Greg Montgomery
VP Operations & IT
Greg Upham
Chief Financial Officer
Digital Marketing Manager
James Beeler
Software Developer
James Gieszelmann
Manager of Software Development
Jenny Bo
Director of Client Development
Jess Stone
Director of Client Success
Jim Young
Director of Communications
Joe Stevens
Software Developer
VP Delivery & Client Success
Software Developer
President & Co-Founder
Kristen Liebers
Client Development Manager
Laura Jackson
Data Scientist
Lauren Walsh
Manager of Office Operations
Leslie Spencer
Business Analyst
Logan Nuckles
Business Development Manager
Marcy Fullbright
Software Developer
Client Development Manager
Megan Vick
Client Success Manager
Michael Pack
Director of Delivery Operations
Mike Finger
Software Developer
Paul Chamberlain
Software Developer
Reid Wallace
Software Developer
Rollie Tillman
VP Delivery & Client Success
VP Delivery & Client Success
Steve Jedael
Senior Client Services Analyst
Taylor Magargal
Communications Specialist
Tom Pulikal
Software Developer
Business Development Manager
Zach Wilson
Software Developer
Zhanna Brotsman
Software Developer