• Vector image of Texas


    $250 Million in Assets

    • 6% Increase in Loan Volume
    • 30-40 Basis Point Increase in Net Interest Margin

    “We love the MarginMonitor! The email notifications let me know… we’re still achieving our profitability objectives.”

  • Vector image of Alabama


    $700 Million in Assets

    • ROE up 75% in first 3 quarters over prior 4 quarters
    • 30% Increase in Commercial Lending Growth in next 12 months

    “We were up and running in just a few days. PrecisionLender paid for itself in the first month with its ability to adjust loans on the fly…”

  • Vector image of Kansas


    $1 Billion in Assets

    • Switched from a less robust loan pricing software solution
    • 77% Increase in loan profitability the first month using PrecisionLender
  • Vector image of Massachusetts


    $150 Million in Assets

    • Found way to match “big bank” offer, keep customer and meet targets
    • Now profitably modify deals that prior to PrecisionLender would have been done “as-is”

    “The Loan Committee no longer has to ask ‘Can we make money on this loan at this rate?’ because they know we’ve run it through PrecisionLender.”

  • Vector image of Texas


    $2 Billion in Assets

    • Growing loan portfolio with the right assets, letting deals with inadequate returns go
    • Customers perceive “we tried” when offered multiple scenarios, whether we win or not